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Laminate bonding has been our speciality from the day we were established. As our name suggests our turnaround is second to none and through our vast experience the quality and efficiency of our service is consistently meeting customers high demands.

Using Din 3 PVA for the majority of our flat bonding and with the help of the four hydraulic presses and huge stock levels we are able to produce up to 300 boards in a day, with maximum board size of 12x6ft.

However if a stronger more heat resistant adhesive is required we are able to use a polychloroprene adhesive which is capable of attaching material such as aluminium and mirror to board materials.

With the help of our suppliers we are able to source high pressure laminates from every major laminate producer in the world including all of the household names in the UK market. (Formica, Polyrey, Arpa)

This coupled with ability to bond to a variety of substrates including MDF, Plywood and Chipboard makes our bonding service one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

Maximum board size of 12ft x 6ft

Din 3 PVA / polychloroprene adhesive

Produce up to 300 boards per day